Saturday, August 30, 2014

doctor who meme: ten episodes [1/10]S06E08 Lets Kill Hitler


next time I hear someone say they use “male” or “female” pronouns I’m going to treat it like their pronouns are literally male/male/maleself

btw all “man in a dress” gags are only coherent in the context of transmisogyny so maybe stop making & reblogging them. thanks!!

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"Haha that Tumblr post said grades don’t define me so I’m gonna abandon my fantastic school marks and drop out" said literally no one ever

"Wow it’s nice to be reminded that even though school is hard for me, that doesn’t mean I’m worthless" said hundreds of thousands of bloggers with learning disabilities and mental and physical illnesses


i either read for 4 hours straight or dont read for 4 months there is no in between



"Having a mental illness doesn’t make you an expert" means "yes, you have a mental illness, but you’re crazy, what would you know about it?"

especially when you take into consideration that the person saying it is almost always neurotypical, so there’s the the not-so-subtle implication of ”you’re crazy, but i’m rational and even-minded, so it’s only obvious that i’d be a better spokesperson for the issues surrounding mental illness”


i think its time to talk about important stuff like why isnt matt bomer back on glee or adam lambert a regular

  • watching straight ppl on a tv show: ok but these characters are such great friends. why does it have to be romantic. just leave out the kissing part pls. not everything has to be about heterosexuality


Merlin meme: (x)

Two OTPs: Gwen/Lancelot (2/2)